Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why the NRSC actions matter

This blog, to me anyway, is not as much about Charlie Crist, or Marco Rubio, or any other specific candidate for any elected office, as it is about what the NRSC did.

The NRSC has, by endorsing Crist 18 months before the election, tried to dictate which candidate represents, and hopefully wins a Senate seat for the GOP. The NRSC is concerned with winnig a seat and lessening the Democrat's grip on the Senate, I can appreciate that. But, they are trying to take the choice of which Republican vies for that seat from the people of Florida.

The NRSC ought to have left the deciding to Florida Republicans, the people the NRSC seemingly forget's it ultimately works for. If voters give the nod to Crist, then fine, the NRSC should put all of it's efforts into helping him defeat the Democrat in the race. However, the NRSC has sought to take away the ability of the people, the voters to make that decision.

To me, the NRSC seems to be saying to Florida Republicans "we will decide who runs for our party, now go vote for our pick." Again, this is assbackwards, the NRSC should welcome both Crist and Rubio to the race, then let the people make their choice. Frankly, I doubt that Florida Republicans want or need the NRSC to decide for them.

Again, the GOP "elites" have shown their contempt for the party's base, the common man. This, as much as anything else, is what has led to the GOP's losses in the two most recent elections. The "elites" seem not to trust the "folks" who ARE the heart and soul of the GOP. Until they remember who makes up the GOP, this party will continue to stumble.

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