Monday, May 18, 2009

The "Big Tent" is Empty

From Politico: The NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh gives the reaction to RedState’s call for a boycott:

“The Republican Party is a big tent party that welcomes different points of view. Obviously there is a small group of folks who would prefer to see 30 ‘pure’ Republican Senators with a litmus test for candidates," Walsh said.

"They’re certainly welcome to that viewpoint. But we’re focused on rebuilding the party, winning elections and ultimately regaining the Majority so that bills like card check never see the light of day.”

Well, where to start with that? I guess I should send an RSVP but apparently my invitation to the “big tent” got lost in the mail. First, it would help if Mr. Walsh would clarify, is this “small group” he refers to the same small group that came out for the Tea Parties? Is the NRSC downplaying conservatives in the rebuilding process because they believe conservatives can’t win? And most importantly Mr. Walsh, what good does it do the Republican Party to hold a majority if a third of them vote with the Democrats half of the time? We had a majority when Freddie and Fannie first went south. Where were your “stalwarts” then, Mr. Walsh? Where were the fiscal conservatives and small government conservatives when we had the majority? Right now, “thirty pure Republicans” would be a Godsend.

You sound mighty smug Mr. Walsh. Have you even noticed that your “big tent” is empty?

Update: Is it just me or does something stink?


  1. This is just how professional Republicans are, Carol. Their job is to be pliant toadies of powerful politicians and to treat the grassroots like crap. They're very good at it.

  2. Michael Steele needs to find another job, too.

  3. Great point on the empty tent. I used it on another site already today.