Friday, May 15, 2009

Chip Hanlon: Crist's Support for
Obama's Simulus 'Unacceptable'

Conservative Republican activist at Red County:
Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, who announced his candidacy for the state's open U.S. Senate seat just this morning, already has the endorsement of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). No big surprise given connections, but a big surprise if the rest of the Senate Republicans were truly outraged when three of their GOP colleagues defected and voted for Obama's stimulus. Maybe they weren't really that upset, after all.
It'll be interesting to see if this helps Crist or hurts him. My sense is that more and more rank-and-file Republicans understand that if the NRSC thinks something, the opposite must be true.
To me, some votes by themselves are just so big as to discredit a candidate outright -- I mean, O.J. was a hell of a guy...until he killed two people -- and Crist's support of the Obama stimulus plan is simply unacceptable.
Think of it: doesn't that stance imply that if he were a Senator at the time, Crist would have crossed lines and voted for the stimulus like Specter, Snowe and Collins? If the spirit of the tea parties still lives, as an outsider it is hard to imagine how Crist could get over on this topic. . . .
Crist is about to sign $13 Billion in tax hikes into law in Florida next week.
Really, it's not just Charlie Crist-- whom Barack Obama has called "my favorite Republican"-- who is at issue here. By endorsing Crist so quickly, shouldn't NRSC Chairman, John Cornyn, have something to answer for, as well? . . .

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