Friday, May 15, 2009

Townhall: NRSC Endorsement of Crist
Signals More Moderate GOP

Jillian Bandes reports:
In addition to his centrist approach to social issues and overtly liberal environmental policies, Crist endorsed Obama's stimulus plan, which was supported by only three Republicans in Congress. One of those Republicans, Arlen Specter, has since switched parties.
As Speaker for the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio promoted a strict diet of fiscal responsibility and limited government, and is more conservative on social and cultural issues.
"Whether it's right or wrong for them to have [endorsed Crist], there is a perception that the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the [Republican Party of Florida] lining up behind Crist so easily shows that they're not sufficiently interested in pushing young leaders forward and bringing new, diverse talent to the party's front bench on a national level," said a Republican strategist who is closely following the Senate race in Florida. . . .

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