Friday, May 15, 2009

Miami Herald columnist:
Why the rush to endorse Crist?

So much for the "big tent," says Myriam Marquez:
The fix is already in, and Rubio's worst enemy is his own party.
There's no debate apparently within the National Republican Senatorial Committee. On Tuesday, the committee endorsed the popular Crist just minutes after he announced he'd take a leap toward Washington.
Why the rush to endorse in a primary? Doesn't that break Ronald Reagan's golden rule?
Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who heads the NRSC, says the moderate Crist is the best candidate to win a purple state like Florida, which has turned increasingly Democratic in voter registration.
The always loyal Martinez, whom Crist backed in his Senate run, already issued a statement backing Crist for the job.
So much for the ''big tent'' the GOP claims to be building to attract Hispanics and blacks after getting pummeled by Barack Obama and the Democratic congressional candidates last year. Only white-haired RINOs need apply for the Washington job, as in Republican in Name Only -- the reference most preferred by GOP conservatives when talking about Crist.
The strategy now?
Tick off South Florida's older Cuban-American voters and other conservative Hispanic Republicans by sticking it to the socially and fiscally conservative Rubio a year and a half before the election.
Forget about having two strong GOP candidates for the primary -- just start the Crist coronation. . . .

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