Saturday, May 16, 2009

An interview with Marco Rubio

Here is a great interview for anyone wanting to know more about Marco Rubio, who the NRSC is undercutting by their endorsement of Charlie Crist.

He is a rock solid Conservative, and the type of candidate the NRSC should be busting their humps to help!

Watch the video here

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  1. It seemed to me in 03 that the GOP was “triangulating” to the left of the Democrats. By 05 I was sure that the GOP was the new party of big government; creating debts that my children and grandchildren would (if lucky) be paying. So in 05 I started responding to letters for more money with a note. I will resume donating when the GOP stops attacking conservatives, stops supporting collectivists and starts once again supporting conservatives. I sent three such responses. Now I just throw the donation requests in the trash. 3 strikes you’re out!
    That the GOP is in effect attacking Rubio (which is in fact what their announced support of the Obama puppet Crist is) says loud and clear we need another party. Our 2 current parties are center=left(Dem) and just plain left (GOP). I guess another plan would be to infiltrate the Dems and make them the party of a well know former Dem Ronald Reagan. Bush made it very clear the GOP does not like Ronnie, maybe his old party will embrace his positions. Not likely in my opinion; but more likely than today’s collectivist GOP.
    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos Cal