Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The trouble with elites

Elitism is never a good thing, and if the GOP is to rebuild and regain power, then it is the elites that must go away. The NRSC has forgotten that it is Conservative principles, and not elites, and certainly not moderate, Meghan McCain Republicans that have made the GOP a great party in the past.

Perhaps the elites, or self-styled elites that run the NRSC, and have too much sway over the direction of the Republican Party in general have been looking at polls and listening to the media a bit too much.

They surely have not been listening to their base. And those Conservative principles? They have let those drift into the background. They seem to think those principles are outdated and a hindrance to the rebirth of the GOP. No, no, and no again! Without those principles, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, defense of the unborn, a commitment to defending the Second Ammendment, and the rest of the Constitution, and a strong national defense, the GOP is nothing!

If the party stands for nothing, no one, most of all those undecided on what party they do beong to will ever see any reason to join it. No one likes a loser, or a coward. And surely the members of the NRSC are turning into ideological cowards. They are too afraid of "negative media coverage" or saying the wrong thing, or seeming too "extreme".

Here it is in plain language NRSC, you want to win? Great! You want to defeat the Democrats? Great! Here is the plan, from a simple Conservative.

1- Do not worry about the media "distorting" your message, we all know that is what they are going to do. Stand on the principles of theFounders, because they ARE the principles of Conservatism, and do not waver.

2- Welcome challenges, welcome debate. Our ideology is superior to that of the Left, In honest debate we win. Again, stand on our principles.

3- Stop telling the base to be quiet. Stop this moronic tactic of trying to convince us that any effort to support more Conservative candidates is a recipe for failure. It is not, it never has been. Again, stand up for our principles! Try listening to the menbers of your party for a change.

4- The very worst campaign tactic is to give us a candidate and say, "yeah, they are not that great, but the other guy is REALLY bad!" Again, you have to stand up and believe in Conservative principles. Without those, the GOP is nothing. Stop trying to stop us from being who we are!

5- Remember Reagan, remember 1994! We won, in 1980 with Reagan, and retook the House and Senate in 1994. Do you recall how? By becoming Meghan McCain Republicans? No, with ideals, expressed with conviction backed by deeply held beliefs in our principles!

It is the principles stupid!


  1. The “recipe for failure” is the Bush/Rove remaking of the GOP as the party to the left of the Democrats. This is a repeat of what the GOP did from 1934 – 1980 (excluding 1964). The GOP had a similar message then. “We are New Dealers too – only different”. It had a failure rate in Congress of 20:1. It did better at President but still had more defeats than victories. Now the GOP upper house (and it seems the lower house as well) wants to go back to the Echo not a choice platform that was such a decisive loser!
    Even if you never paid attention in your civics classes in school; look at what the making of the GOP as the “Nanny State” party did in 06 and 08! The Rove/Bush move to the far left – aka “triangulation” is (and always will be_ a disaster. Ignore the NYT. Think for yourselves Republicans! The MSM are not and never have been friends of the GOP! Remember they backed John in 06 + 07; so you nominated him and the GOPP got crushed in 08!
    If this does not prove that the Bush/Rove liberals running the GOP must go I do not know how it can be proved! I think the best way to get these collectivists to leave is to continue to withhold donations.

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

  2. 1) Reagan didn't win because he was conservative, he won because he wasn't Jimmy Carter. The nation was tired of Carter and desperately wanted to make a change. Any other viewpoint is revisionist history.

    2) Republicans won in 1994 because they didn't talk about typically "conservative" issues like abortion or "family values." Look at the Contract with America and tell me which of those items you think Crist or McCain would not support. Those principles were not "conservative" they were "American" principles.

    3) Here is a great example of how a more Conservative candidate is bad for the party: Barry Goldwater.

    Because Americans, and Floridians, are neither Conservative nor Liberal -- they are MODERATE -- Republicans can not win without Meghan McCain and Charlie Crist Republicans.

    A "Conservatives-only" party, will have as much power as the WHIGs.