Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boycott NRSC logo, T-shirt, etc.

We have created a T-shirt and offer this logo for bloggers who want to install a link on their sidebars:

The purpose of this blog is to offer a forum for news about the grassroots conservative rebellion against the GOP elite. It's not funded by or affiliated with any candidate or any organization.

This is First Amendment free speech, but if any of the idiots in charge of the national GOP apparatus want to invoke unconstitutional McCain-Feingold restrictions, I'm guessing there will be no shortage of Federal Society lawyers who'd handle my defense pro bono.

In the meantime, anybody who wants to help promote this effort can hit the tip jar.


  1. I love the idea. You're gonna be followed by the Oklahoma Patriot.

  2. Great idea, too many fence-sitters. TOTUS is following

  3. Can't figure out how to get your logo for my sidebar?

  4. Two of the 8 RINOs who helped pass Waxman-Markey are running for U.S. Senate. They are Mark Kirk (Ill.) and Mike Castle (Del.). Sen. Cornyn and NRSC have already signalled they are definitely supporting Castle.
    No money to the NRSC until they promise not to fund liberals like Crist and Castle!