Saturday, May 23, 2009

Choosing Style Over Substance

The NRSC has reduced itself to becoming the American Idol version of party politics. Who they are for or against boils down to who offers the broadest appeal. Problem is, who are they appealing to? Elections are won when one person gets more votes than the other, and people only vote when a candidate excites them. If the last two election cycles should have taught the NRSC anything, it is that we, the base and backbone of the party, aren’t excited.

Question, did anyone say “I am excited about John McCain” No. He offered a broad appeal put he didn’t actually stand for anything. Did anyone say, “I am excited about Sarah Palin”? You betcha! That is because Gov. Palin takes clear stands on important issues. She understands that leadership isn’t about winning a popularity contest, it is about leading.

The NRSC needs to learn from its mistakes. In the last two elections they got thumped because they didn’t offer Republicans a choice. They have asked us to vote for candidates who are either Democrats or sorta Democrats. In response, an unexcited electorate has stayed home.

It has been said that people vote for the guy they would like to drink a beer with. If you are a Republican, that still holds true. Democrats may sit around awestruck by the slick Sheppard who deigns to guide them to reason but conservatives favor the plain talker who tells them it how it is. If the NRSC really wants to win they need to get off their broad based butts and return to old fashioned telling it how it is. Will they turn off some voters? Who cares? They don’t vote anyway. But we do.


  1. This argument is not reasonable. The NRSC does what it has always done... try to win seats. It does not litmus test candidates according to national party guidelines, but rather, according to approval ratings from a candidate's respective constituents. The NRSC would not have endorsed Crist if he were not the best candidate. Remove yourself from the ideal world in which you currently reside, and step into reality. At the end of the day, it comes down to votes.

    If the base refuses to support the NRSC's genuine effort to win seats, and in turn, Republican votes in the Senate , then legislation such as Card Check and Single Payer Healthcare will pass. What are you fighting for exactly? Are you fighting for an ideology, or do you want Republican legislation passed? At the end of the day, what is important? If you have half a brain, you care about the legislation that comes out of the Senate. Further, if that is the case, then you would natuarlly want the strongest candidate in the general election, which is Crist.

    The Democrats are currently cheering your efforts. Way to go guys. *golf clap*

  2. Thank you for your comment, Mr. Steele.

  3. Correction: the anonymous commenter has now been identified as none other than Senator John Kerry, reprising his famous "You're doing the work of the Republican National Committee!" tantrum before he flounced off the set of ABC News in the last election.

    The last time we 'stepped into reality,' we ended up with Republicans who voted for the stimulus package. How'd that work out?

  4. Because the NRSC has been doing such a terrific job these last two election cycles..

    Don't bother questioning their wisdom.

  5. Money talks. We'll see how flip the RNC is in July when SarahPac figures are released. Think they'll have a change of heart as to those country-club candidates?

  6. Sarah Palin lead directly to GOP failure because of the reverse of what you say: rather than understanding the first thing about leadership in the real world, she was playing at winning the 'Miss VP USA' pageant. Popularity contests are all she knows.

  7. Speaking from the left, we are frightened that instead of moderating in light of failures, the right instead moves to even farther extremes. And after this division and the fearmongering, hate, etc that go with it, we hear you claim that you're not far enough. 'Democrats or sorta democrats'? How much more of a gun-totin', straight-talkin', TheDuke-emulatin' candidate do you want? This is like when conservatives try to claim that Fox news, the most conservative major news network in the country, is liberal. It boggles the mind that they are that far removed from reality.

  8. "Speaking from the left. . ."

    Thank you for your opinion. Now STFU.