Monday, May 18, 2009

John Brodigan's 'Jihad' Against NRSC

Donald Douglas at American Power blog calls attention to John Brodigan at New York Groove:
[T]he Marco Rubio vs. Charlie Crist contest has me about to wild out and get violent. I don’t mind a primary. I think an honest debate between two Republicans, a conservative (Rubio) and a moderate (Crist), is healthy for the party. Have them debate, then let the people of Florida decide.
Instead, immediately after Crist announces he’s running, he gets an endorsement from the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) a FULL YEAR BEFORE THE PRIMARY IS TAKING PLACE. Then Mitch McConnell endorses. Then Lindsey Graham. Then John McCain. Then Mel Martinez.
Set aside the fact that a week ago NRSC Chair John Cornyn said he wasn’t going to get involved. The worst kept secret in politics is that the Republican Party needs to reclaim its mantle for fiscal discipline, which the R’s in Washington managed to destroy over the past eight years (including all the before mentioned Senators). And after lambasting "The Three" for selling out to Obama's stimulus, and after kicking Arlen Specter on the way out for selling out to Obama's stimulus . . . these same people, the NRSC which is supposed to be rebuilding the Republican party, is embracing a candidate who not only fully supported this "crap sandwich," he told Barry himself when he appeared with him at a campaign rally.

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