Tuesday, March 30, 2010

McCain Calls For Troop Deployment Against JD Hayworth

2008: "...The first [quote] is where McCain said that those who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens are 'going to destroy the fucking party.'

"The second [quote] is in a call with Senator Lindsey Graham where McCain said in frustration at the rebuke he was getting, 'Listen to these people ... Why would I want to be the leader of a party of such assholes?' Graham too called those opposed to amnesty bigots."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Video: Rubio debates Crist on Fox News

Via Clifton makes it very clear that Florida has a distinct choice in who gets the Republican nomination to run for the Senate seat that is up for grabs in November. Rubio is the more conservative candidate, and he is the candidate that will better represent common sense and fiscal responsibility.

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Charlie Crist Flips Flops On ObamaCare

The Winds of Change are in the air and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist just wet his finger and stuck it in the air to find out what position he needed to take today.

Back in February, Gov. Charlie Crist expressed what could only be support for ObamaCare, saying that “There may be parts of it that you don’t have to scrap."

Now the 'moderate' Republican has changed his mind. In his debate with Marco Rubio last Sunday, repeal suddenly sounded like a good idea to him. “What we need to do is go ahead and repeal this thing,” said Crist bluntly. “Let’s start over.” Transcript here.

Not sure if he meant that as "start over" with a meddling plan that Republicans designed or not.

Suffice it to say, Rubio has been against ObamaCare from the start.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Raises a Challenge

The Delaware Senate race just got a little more interesting with the addition of Republican Christine O'Donnell to the race. O'Donnell forces a September primary against Representative Mike Castle who is looking to move from the House to the Senate.

Could Delaware be another Massachusetts? O'Donnell another Scott Brown? Castle voted against the Obamacare bill but has recently come out against repeal of the bill which will put him at odds against Senator Jim DeMint who has repeal at the top of his agenda.

Castle's position against repeal fits right in with his moderate label; he also voted FOR Cap and Trade in the House and supports embryonic stem cell research. He's soft on immigration and voted against forbidding interstate transportation of minors to get abortions.

Christine O'Donnell, on the other hand, is a proven vote getter, having run against Joe Biden for the seat in 2008 and garnering 35% of the vote - not enough to win, but quite respectable in a state that is supposedly a blue state.

The political landscape is very different now than in 2008 and O'Donnell looks to be a strong candidate.

She's pro-life, vows to fight to reduce taxes, strengthen national security and support gun rights.

All in all it should make the race more interesting and in today's political climate, anything can happen! If Mike Castle isn't going to join the Republican fight to repeal this job-killing liberty-sucking behemoth that is Obamacare, we don't need him.

Go here to donate to O'Donnell's campaign and put a true conservative in the Senate.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marco Rubio Responds To The Issues That Matter

Which Charlie Crist happens to think is getting a back wax.

Is there any wonder why Crist is behind by 30 points in some polls?

Video via Freedom's Lighthouse.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mark DeMoss Pulls His Financial Support

In a follow-up to Stacy's post below, we note that Evangelical donor Mark DeMoss is withdrawing his financial support for the Republican establishment and will now donate only to those candidates he chooses to support. Citing the leaked PowerPoint presentation as an example of the lame brained, amateurish Republican tactics, which Stacy so adequately addressed in his update to his post on The Other McCain, DeMoss says in a letter to Michael Steele,
The depictions of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid were shameful, immature and uncivil, at best. While I realize your office made steps to distance you from this presentation I’m afraid the presentation is representative of a culture and mindset within the Republican National Committee; consequently, I will no longer contribute to any fundraising entity of our Party—but will contribute only to individual candidates I choose to support.

Read the whole thing here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Message to the National Republican Establishment: Stay Out of Our Primary'

Ever since John Cornyn and the NRSC backed Charlie Crist in Florida last May, that's been the basic message of Not One Red Cent. But if you thought Florida Republicans were outraged at national GOP meddling in their primary, just wait until you see the 'Bama buzzsaw that hits John Boehner when he gets to Huntsville on Monday:
Not long after invitations were sent out for a Rep. Parker Griffith fundraising event, headlined by House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), several local organizations from both sides of the political spectrum announced plans to protest the event. Planned for March 8, 2010 at the Space & Rocket Center, starting at 5:00 pm, the the protest will include members of the Huntsville Tea Party, Left In Alabama, Athens-Limestone Tea Party Patriots, AAMU Democrats Student Club, The Dale Jackson Show, North Alabama Healthcare for All, Madison County Republican Executive Committee, and the Limestone County Republican Executive Committee. AFL-CIO will be holding a press conference at the Marriott Hotel near the Space & Rocket Center in protestation, before the protest event and the fundraiser. Organizers invite the public to attend.
"We are sending a message to the national Republican establishment: stay out of our primary. . . . We're pushing back against the political machine," said Christie Carden, founder of the Huntsville Tea Party. . . .
Read all of that. Just as with Cornyn's support for Crist against Marco Rubio, Boehner's backing of Griffith puts the national GOP establishment in the position of campaigning against the exact kind of dynamic young leaders they need to be supporting. Republican candidate Les Phillip:
"Congressman Boehner coming to Huntsville to raise money for Parker Griffith goes to show exactly how out of touch Washington D.C. is with the rest of America and their refusal to listen to "We the People"," remarked Phillip.
"Two of our local Republican executive committees specifically asked the National Republican Congressional Committee to stay out of this race and let the people of North Alabama decide who our best candidate is, but they refuse to listen because they think they know better than we do what is best for the fifth district." . . .
"John Boehner and the NRCC are supporting Griffith with the notion that he will lure more Democrats to switch parties. This approach does not take into consideration the conservative nature of Republicans in Alabama's 5th district, or Griffith's record of voting with Nancy Pelosi nearly 85% of the time, more than many of his former Democrat colleagues."
The liberal blog Left in Alabama has announced support for Monday's protest:
Griffith is everybody's problem. Sure, I won't agree with everyone at this protest on every single thing -- maybe not on most things. But we all agree that Griffith has got to go, and for now that one common purpose will let us stand on the same sidewalk in near perfect harmony.
Wingnuts and Moonbats unite! You have nothing to lose but those clueless morons at the national GOP!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rubio's straight talk

Via Gateway Pundit comes this great video of Marco Rubio telling it like it is. You damned sure would never hear this from Charlie Crist's RINO mouth!

Charlie Crist Sounds Desperate

Why do I get the feeling that Charlie Crist is only saying this because he's polling so far behind Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate election:
“It is awful how [Democrats] have this compulsion to ram this thing through, even though the American people don’t support it,” Crist says. “They don’t realize that even if they pass their bill [with reconciliation], the American people will still detest it. We need to take a free-market approach.” Crist also says that Obama is “moving too quickly” in trying to address health-care reform. “Bipartisanship is necessary here,” he says.
Anybody believe that? Anybody? Hello?

Me neither.

There's more. This one's a doozy - after calling Marco Rubio's campaign the "greatest fraud perpetrated on people," he says:
“I’m a true-blue Reaganite Republican,”
God help us, if that's true. Charlie's support for Porkulus belies that statement if nothing else does. These sound like the words of a nervous, scared candidate who knows he's lost the conservative vote.

There's more at The Corner. Read all of it.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Looking Good For Charlie Crist

Considering how the tracking polls have pretty much flipped against him and for Marco Rubio.

Two polls released last week showed Mr. Rubio leading the governor by 18 percentage points in the August primary, a reversal from last summer, when the former Florida House speaker trailed Mr. Crist by 30 points.

The shifting fortunes underscore how profoundly President Barack Obama's slumping popularity is convulsing both parties. The rise of hard-line conservatives and Tea Party activists are eroding support for Democrats and moderate Republicans such as Mr. Crist, who was viewed as a possible vice-presidential candidate in 2008. [Emphasis mine]

Don't forget, most liberals think and want you to think that the Tea Parties are only a vocal minority. Despite the real world results.

There's more.

Mr. Rubio's ascent coincides with a descent in Mr. Obama's popularity in the key electoral state. Forty-nine percent of Floridians disapproved of the president's job performance and 45% approved in a January poll by Quinnipiac University. In February 2009, 64% of Floridians approved and 23% disapproved.

Mr. Crist also has lost about two dozen consecutive county straw polls among registered Republicans, including Pinellas County, where the governor grew up.

Tony DiMatteo, former Pinellas County Republican Party chairman, said he was a "zealot" for Mr. Crist in the 2006 race for governor. But he said he "got a sick feeling" watching Mr. Crist embrace Mr. Obama at the February 2009 rally in Fort Myers and his phone rang "off the hook" for several days from angry Republicans.

"I'm now a big Rubio supporter," Mr. DiMatteo said.

Please be sure to read the entire thing, seeing how I probably used a bit more than necessary on the blogger fair use snippet.

Two obvious reasons why Crist falling fast in the polls. What can only be taken as support for the Government Takeover of the Health Care System and his ignorance on how jobs are created. Here's a hint about jobs and the stimulus, Charlie, It Won't Work.

Somewhere, David Frum is crying.

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