Tuesday, March 30, 2010

McCain Calls For Troop Deployment Against JD Hayworth

2008: "...The first [quote] is where McCain said that those who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens are 'going to destroy the fucking party.'

"The second [quote] is in a call with Senator Lindsey Graham where McCain said in frustration at the rebuke he was getting, 'Listen to these people ... Why would I want to be the leader of a party of such assholes?' Graham too called those opposed to amnesty bigots."


  1. Two faced... Double-speak.... RINOS.... Washington politicians.... Need to get re-elected.... Must keep power....

    Hi, my name is (John McCain)(J.D. Hayworth) and I'd like for you to vote for me as the next Arizona Senator. I'm a (war hero)(fiscal conservative) and I think I have the plan for setting this Country straight.

    Don't you worry about my past (Campaign finance, Grahamnesty, Cap and Tax)(Jack Abramoff/corruption), just vote for me and I'll make everything right.

    California is SCREWED UP, but how in the hell do you choose between these two? At least I know Barbara Boxer IS a friggin' DA... Y'all have to choose between 2 DA's.

    Almost feels like 2008.... lesser of two evils. Good luck, AZ.

    As an aside, IMO, a vote for McCain is a vote for Cap and Tax.... Is a vote for Grahamnesty... Is a vote for ever expanding gubmint. Is a vote for putting campaign finance 'reform' back in play.

    Y'all send him back to the Senate, I'm thinking the rest of the country is going to be VERY CHEESED OUT.

    Palin didn't endorse him..... she paid him back. He's a friggin' Washington tool.

    Just sayin'.

  2. I pity the folks that have to choose between these two. Isn't there a Tea Party candidate willing to run? These quotes from Juan McLame are nauseating.

    I know Hayworth isn't a stellar candidate by any means, but if I were JD, I'd run ads pounding these quotes of McLames ad nauseum.