Thursday, March 4, 2010

Charlie Crist Sounds Desperate

Why do I get the feeling that Charlie Crist is only saying this because he's polling so far behind Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate election:
“It is awful how [Democrats] have this compulsion to ram this thing through, even though the American people don’t support it,” Crist says. “They don’t realize that even if they pass their bill [with reconciliation], the American people will still detest it. We need to take a free-market approach.” Crist also says that Obama is “moving too quickly” in trying to address health-care reform. “Bipartisanship is necessary here,” he says.
Anybody believe that? Anybody? Hello?

Me neither.

There's more. This one's a doozy - after calling Marco Rubio's campaign the "greatest fraud perpetrated on people," he says:
“I’m a true-blue Reaganite Republican,”
God help us, if that's true. Charlie's support for Porkulus belies that statement if nothing else does. These sound like the words of a nervous, scared candidate who knows he's lost the conservative vote.

There's more at The Corner. Read all of it.

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