Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Ten Buck Friday Poll Out

It's a new week and a new batch of candidates up for a poll over at Right Klik.

For those of you new to Ten Buck Fridays, it's simple enough concept for even the most liberal of democrats to follow.

Here's how it works: For Ten Buck Fridays, congressional candidates are nominated and voted on throughout the week. The winner is announced Friday and cross-promoted amongst the supporting conservative blogs. These blogs then promote a $10 per donation money bomb for the winning candidate. Would you go to the link I've posted here and cast your vote for me? Tell your friends!

Doug Hoffman is up this week. He was in the special election in the 23rd Congressional District in New York state last year. He barely lost out to the Democrat then. Help push him over the top today.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Senator Coburn, I second that emotion!

Tom Coburn is not exactly what you would call on the Newt 2012 bandwagon! Neither am I! Coburn has his reasons, which I share, and to which I would add quite simply that Newt is a politician, in my opinion before he is a Conservative! That just will not do! We need leadership, and in my opinion, politicians are not, by nature leaders. They are, rather than driven by principles, are driven too often by power!

Food For Thought

Not sure how accurate the letter is but the point stands.

Letter to the Editor

Campaign Finance Reform, McCain?
The man who wrote the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill, saying there’s too much money in politics evidently believes that there’s too much for the other candidates, but not for him.

We just witnessed the outright purchase of a Senate seat by John McCain, who spent over $21 MILLION to buy his re-election, a shamerful display. He was able to hold on to the campaign funds he didn’t spend in his failed Presidential bid, and toss that into the fray. This almost certainly is a record for a primary election campaign, and that’s nothing to be proud of, Mr. McCain.

Once the general election is over, McCain will go back to his clubhouse in Washington, and will no doubt do whatever he wants to do, and it won’t be what’s best for Arizona, but what’s best for John McCain.

John McCain, Spectacular Hypocrite.

Ray Spitzer

Friday, August 27, 2010

Charlie Crist Knows Waffles

So Charlie Crist would have us believe that he "misspoke" when he said he'd have voted FOR Obamacare.  What he really meant, he says now, is that he would have voted against it because it's too big and it cuts Medicare Advantage.  That was probably AFTER his handlers reminded him that lots of voters in Florida rely on Medicare Advantage and might think poorly of his position.  Oops.

It's kind of like his "misspoke" when he said he was absolutely going to run as a Republican in this Senate campaign:

“To put these rumors to rest once and for all, as we have said countless times before, Governor Crist is running for the United States Senate as a Republican. He will not run as an Independent or as a No Party Affiliation.

It's kind of like he "misspoke" when he spoke in support of the stimulus but backed off of that and said he never supported it.

"I know it will help my state and that's why I support it!"

While in November 2009 he says "I didn't endorse it!"

Actually, during the debate between Crist and Rubio in March of this year, Crist said he'd vote to repeal Obamacare but he's also said he would not scrap Obamacare.  Which is it?

Which is it, Charlie?  Make up your mind.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rubio widens lead, Charile Crist hardest hit!

Is he pulling away, as, The Reaganite Republican suggests? Let us hope so

A new Public Policy Polling poll out today -the day of his official GOP nomination- has Marco Rubio beginning to pull-away:

Good news, but let's not get cocky!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help Merlin Froyd Against Democratic Cog Howard Berman!

Help Merlin in his campaign against Democratic cog Howard Berman!


Mark Reed for Congress in Brad Sherman's 27th District!

Brad Sherman literally laughs at his constituents when they ask him if he's read the legislation he votes for.  He needs to not be here.

Mark Reed with Michelle Bachmann


"It’s time to reject the Washington DC style of representation in the 27th District.

"As a lifelong San Fernando Valley resident, I pledge to represent you in Washington DC.”
Mark Reed, a descendant of the Mohawk and Apache with mixed European heritage. He is an entrepreneur, successful actor and advocate. At age 26 Mark purchased his first company, at age 28 opened a retail store and at age 32 began his third company.

"Mark served on the Screen Actor’s Guild Board of Directors, currently sits on the KCET Community Advisory Board, and is National Chairman for American Indians in Film and Television. A tireless advocate for veterans, Mark works to save the VA Sepulveda and West Los Angeles medical centers from encroachment by private sector developers.

"Mark is a fiscal conservative in favor of limited government. He will represent every member of the 27th District, regardless of political affiliation, bringing jobs, security and opportunity to the San Fernando Valley . Mark pledges to bring accountability, honesty and integrity back to Congress and will read every bill before casting your vote.

"Mark encourages every constituent to research his platform and campaign at www.markreedforcongress.com. Every voter should consider the facts. Don’t be taken in by campaign rhetoric and attack ads.

"When evaluated by his strength of character, his commitment to the district, and his position on the issues, Mark Reed is the best and only choice for a better 27th District and a better United States of America."   

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marco Rubio Responds To Moronic Dolt, Harry Reid

For starters, Harry Reid can't see much of anything beyond his own political divide. Which explains how he can say what he did about Hispanics. A republican Hispanic doesn't fit into his mindset. Worlds collide with dogs and cats living together or something.

Which brings us to Marco Rubio. Who happens to be Hispanic and a Republican running for Senate in Florida.

Reid has a 'D' after his name. Sadly, he can make stupid statements like he did and still be sitting as Majority Leader in the Senate.

Video: John McCain "I Chose Lying"

Vai here, there and everywhere.*

The main reason I would like to see McCain booted from office would be to put other Senators on notice. Maybe they would sit straighter when people came to their office with complaints about how Congress is spending other people's money. Lindsey Graham, I'm looking at you.

All too often, people talk about getting more conservative politicians into office and booting the squishes. But when push comes to shove, they're back to the LOTE (Lesser of Two Evils) vote. The old habits die hard.

Now is the chance for conservatives to put their vote where their mouth is. Vote for J.D. Hayworth and give McCain his walking papers.

It's been argued in the comments over at Spade's place about Hayworth and is he a crook or not. No more so than McCain.

So look to the larger picture. What kind of message would this send to the people in the US Senate if someone as politically safe as McCain should be out of a job? Would they write it off as a purge? Or if more 'purges' should happen, would Congress start to listen to their constituents again? If the man who is a fixture in the Senate is no longer there due to the will of the people, shouldn't that shake up the halls of Congress? No political position should ever be considered safe.

Make this year the year of the anti-incumbent. Vote Hayworth.

*I've been trying not to bogart video clips as of late. It's a bad blogging form, same as snipping entire clips of a news article from one blog then posting a courtesy link at the end, leaving nothing to click over and see. Otherwise known as 'Pulling a Chuckie Johnson'.** In this case, the video has been around so I figured it was safe to use.

**I made that up on the spot.

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