Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mark Reed for Congress in Brad Sherman's 27th District!

Brad Sherman literally laughs at his constituents when they ask him if he's read the legislation he votes for.  He needs to not be here.

Mark Reed with Michelle Bachmann


"It’s time to reject the Washington DC style of representation in the 27th District.

"As a lifelong San Fernando Valley resident, I pledge to represent you in Washington DC.”
Mark Reed, a descendant of the Mohawk and Apache with mixed European heritage. He is an entrepreneur, successful actor and advocate. At age 26 Mark purchased his first company, at age 28 opened a retail store and at age 32 began his third company.

"Mark served on the Screen Actor’s Guild Board of Directors, currently sits on the KCET Community Advisory Board, and is National Chairman for American Indians in Film and Television. A tireless advocate for veterans, Mark works to save the VA Sepulveda and West Los Angeles medical centers from encroachment by private sector developers.

"Mark is a fiscal conservative in favor of limited government. He will represent every member of the 27th District, regardless of political affiliation, bringing jobs, security and opportunity to the San Fernando Valley . Mark pledges to bring accountability, honesty and integrity back to Congress and will read every bill before casting your vote.

"Mark encourages every constituent to research his platform and campaign at www.markreedforcongress.com. Every voter should consider the facts. Don’t be taken in by campaign rhetoric and attack ads.

"When evaluated by his strength of character, his commitment to the district, and his position on the issues, Mark Reed is the best and only choice for a better 27th District and a better United States of America."   

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