Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Video: John McCain "I Chose Lying"

Vai here, there and everywhere.*

The main reason I would like to see McCain booted from office would be to put other Senators on notice. Maybe they would sit straighter when people came to their office with complaints about how Congress is spending other people's money. Lindsey Graham, I'm looking at you.

All too often, people talk about getting more conservative politicians into office and booting the squishes. But when push comes to shove, they're back to the LOTE (Lesser of Two Evils) vote. The old habits die hard.

Now is the chance for conservatives to put their vote where their mouth is. Vote for J.D. Hayworth and give McCain his walking papers.

It's been argued in the comments over at Spade's place about Hayworth and is he a crook or not. No more so than McCain.

So look to the larger picture. What kind of message would this send to the people in the US Senate if someone as politically safe as McCain should be out of a job? Would they write it off as a purge? Or if more 'purges' should happen, would Congress start to listen to their constituents again? If the man who is a fixture in the Senate is no longer there due to the will of the people, shouldn't that shake up the halls of Congress? No political position should ever be considered safe.

Make this year the year of the anti-incumbent. Vote Hayworth.

*I've been trying not to bogart video clips as of late. It's a bad blogging form, same as snipping entire clips of a news article from one blog then posting a courtesy link at the end, leaving nothing to click over and see. Otherwise known as 'Pulling a Chuckie Johnson'.** In this case, the video has been around so I figured it was safe to use.

**I made that up on the spot.

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  1. For those on the fence, here is how I made up my mind. I used to live in Texas and followed Ron Paul and all his oddities. Then I moved to Kentucky and found out that his son was running for Sen. I heard him talk briefly in our small town and was not that impressed. Did some research and read blogs and concluded that 1) he had some of the same oddities as his dad, 2) had some positions that I really stood for also.

    So what to do? Vote for the party guy or for Rand? It was a struggle and I really did not have a clear reason to vote either way, but I voted for Rand. After a few weeks, I finally realized what my subconscious was telling me - do you vote for someone who will try to get along in congress, or do you vote for someone who does not care about getting along, only about his principles? It's a decision you have to make.

  2. I am SO sad McCain is still around.