Monday, October 4, 2010

Charlie Crist a man with no conscience

Charlie is the perfect example of what American voters are fed up with. He is a guy who will say ANYTHING, tell any lie, change any position, to get elected. He has no interest in serving his constituents, he is, instead all about power!

Political sleeze at its worst. Charlie Crist was interviewed by the Palm Beach Post editorial board. Crist went for low blows against his republican opponent Marco Rubio calling him a “radical right” politician that has the “fringe views” of those in the tea parties. He also called Rubio a “Jeb Bush Republican” in dire hopes that the Bush label might work in this election cycle against Rubio, and curry favor to his campaign.

So, he condemns Rubio as a “Jeb Bush Republican. Yet, he labeled himself, not that long ago, a “Jeb Bush Republican”.

Charlie, come on, can’t you even summon the integrity to stick to one lie? But at least you did get ONE THING right

To the Palm Beach Post‘s credit, they did not let Crist get away with labeling Rubio a “Jeb Bush Republican”

Crist hasn’t become a full-throated Bush basher.

“He did a good job,” Crist said of Bush during his Post interview.

Afterward, Crist was asked about his former “Jeb Bush Republican” self-description.

“Yeah, well, that’s changed,” Crist said. “I think Jeb and I both agree on that. I’m not even a Republican.”

Yes, Charlie, that is right! Fact is you have shown yourself to be nothing but a bag of lies.