Friday, May 22, 2009

Could Change For The GOP Look Like This?

Watch this riveting video featuring Liz Cheney shutting down CNN’s Anderson Cooper. This woman is squared away, seriously. Cooper became frustrated early on in the interview and tried to overcome her abundant knowledge on the subject of the torture memos which has become a hot button topic.

He raised his voice and spoke more quickly in order to try to regain control of the interview. No matter what tactic he employed, Ms. Cheney refused be intimidated. It was beautiful watching her tell him face-to-face that he was twisting the facts. Watch it.


  1. Liz did a great job explaining the positions and not letting AC spin this. Big kudos to her.

  2. Yes she did Jim. She made me proud, not because of who she is but because of how well she handed Cooper's fourth point of contact to him.

    She ruled!

  3. I think AC concludes that interviewing her is torture..