Saturday, May 16, 2009

The NRSC to Conservatives, "See, Ya"

At the NRSC website there is a section titled A Message for Bloggers from NRSC Chairman John Cornyn. The entire message consists of this:

Add To Your Blog Or Website:

Well isn’t that a fine how for you do? The NRSC wants to use my little ol’ blog as their recruiting tool. Sorry, NRSC, I’m just not that in to you.

On their “About” page the NRSC informs us that “The NRSC provides invaluable support and assistance to current and prospective Republican U.S. Senate candidates in the areas of budget planning, election law compliance, fundraising, communications tools and messaging, research and strategy.”

If that were true it would be a wonderful thing and I might look in to support them. But it isn’t. Their support and assistance is only available to those candidates who meet their criteria, which can be summed up in two words-liberal wuss. Consider this-Lincoln Chaffe meets their criteria. Arlen Specter, just two weeks prior to tossing the Republican Party, met their criteria. Charlie “we just love our President Obama” Crist meets their criteria. The NRSC has tacked a “Conservatives Need Not Apply” sign up on their front door, and still, they have the gall to expect us to support them.

This is not the time to say, “No.” This is the time to stand up and shout, Hell, No!”

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