Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rubio Raises Almost $1 Million

Via Memeorandum: From The St. Pete Times:

Charlie Crist ought to start worrying. The Marco Rubio campaign says the underdog Republican candidate for U.S. Senate raised nearly $1 million in the last fundraising quarter — a giant improvement over his last quarter and a number sure to help eliminate doubts about his viability.

"It says to me that Marco Rubio is going to be the next senator from Florida, and it should say to a lot of other people that Marco Rubio is a very, very formidable candidate," said senior adviser Pat Shortridge, who did not have an estimate on how much money Rubio has on hand.

Charlie Crist has not yet released a number, but supporters are speculating he will raise at least $2 million. of course, the last time Crist allies floated a number like that he reported raising more than $4 million.

Who needs the stinkin' NRSC anyway? Not Rubio.


  1. I hope Sarah Palin finally recognizes the mean-spirited old-boy network she'll be lumped in with by continuing to support "Crustius" McCain, who, BTW, has been more nasty toward her than usual.

    Follow the link from McCain to Crist and you get "blah," another old, white guy entrenched with the corruptocracy. I know Crist campaigned for (her and) Juan McLame, but enough is enough.

    Sarah, please show 'em what "going rogue" really means and start supporting Mr. Rubio. He GETS it! The country needs him, esp. with your support.

  2. Hey, Rubio obviously has the better-looking potential constituents.

  3. Dear Not One Red Cent,

    2010 is an important year for me and the other incumbents. 2008 was humiliating for me because I lost the election to our wonderful president, Barack Obama, my friends. It was tough I know, but we have to move on and stop blaming on silly factors.

    It had nothing to do with the fact that I voted for the bailouts at a time when I could have differentiated myself from my best opponent ever. It had nothing to do with the amount of support that the Libertarian candidate had instead of me. It had nothing to do with my passive minded campaign staff. It had nothing to do with me waiting to unleash the most explosive things about the Honorable Barack Obama until after early voting started in key swing states, my friends. It had nothing to do with me allowing the media to mock me or my running mate who ruined the election for me BECAUSE SHE SUPPORTS DRILLING FOR OIL IN HER HOME STATE AND DOESN'T REACH ACROSS THE AISLE LIKE I DO!!! CHARLIE CRIST IS A MAVERICK LIKE ME AND I SUPPORT HIM, MY FRIENDS!!! Give some money to the NRSC, my friends.

    Your friend in Congress,

    Sen John S. McCain III