Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beware the Diminished Expectations of the Newtists

Why is the race in NY-23 so important? Why is Robert Stacy McCain spending time covering this race? Why are so many bloggers and prominent Republicans, Palin, Thompson, DeMint, Malkin, lining up and endorsing Doug Hoffman? I mean come on, he is not a Republican, he is a member of the Conservative Party. He is opposed by a Republican, Dede Scozzafava, who IS the candidate annointed by the local Republican Party, and Newt Gingrich.

So, if the Republican leadership, and Newt himself are pushing Scozzafava, then why would so many Republicans be against her. The Newtists would tell us “lesser Republicans” that Scozzafava is deserving of our suppprt because of that (R) by her name. They would tell us that we have to support her, because, well, cuddling up to Liberal Republicans, which Scozzafava most assuredly is, is the price we Republicans must pay to regain a majority in the House.

I call this the diminished expectations strategy. Yes, we want more Conservatives, but instead of daring to pursue that goal, we should settle for less. Hell, less IS easier isn’t it? So why not? After all, if the ONLY goal the Newtists have is to regain a majority, then we should accept any candidate as long as they call themselves a Republican.

Let’s assume for a moment that that strategy works. Imagine a glorious, shining, moderate-laden, big tent Republican majority. Folks, I am talking about a Republican majority that would make Meghan McCain and David Brooks break out in song! Now that you have a good image of what the Newtist majority would look like, imagine that a massive new cap and tax bill is to be voted on by the House.

Imagine Conservative Republicans voting to stop such a disastrous bill. Imagine Democrats, now the MINORITY mind you, voting for it. A close vote that is to be decided by, Moderate Republicans that Newt has convinced us to support for the, say it with me, good of the party. Care to guess which side those ” Republicans” would take?

Now imagine the same “Republicans” voting on new tax hikes, spending cuts, gun control legislation, health care, you name it. The chances are better than average that those moderates we bedded down with to regain the majority would stab us in the back quicker than Jesse Jackson would run over an old lady to get some camera time.

So, why is NY-23 so crucial? Well, because there we have a chance to give the boot to a genuine RINO, Scozzafava, and elect a genuine Conservative, Hoffman. It is really very simple. Either we elect a “Republican”, only because of that R, the Newtists are ready to sell our souls over, or we elect a person who will vote AGAINST ObamaCare, and other Liberal agenda items. Items that will no doubt wreck our economy, and forever fundamentally reshape America into a nation built on entitlements and big government rather than on liberty. So, really, it boils down to this. Do we care more about the “R” or about the U.S.A.?

If you are not sure, ask yourself this. WWTFFD? What Would The Founding Fathers Do? They damn sure would not have sold out and settled for the diminished expectations of the Newtists. They would have stood on principle. They would have fought, and they would have never, ever, forgotten their goal. So, now, I ask again my friends. Why is NY-23 so imoportant……….

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