Monday, October 26, 2009

My How Times Have Changed

My how the times have changed. It wasn't that long ago that President Barak Obama came to Ft. Myers, Florida and Governor Charlie Crist threw his loving arms around him. The governor blew off a Cabinet meeting and a lunch with Jeb Bush so he could attend that rally with the new president and tell the citizens of Florida that he was reaching out in a spirit of bi-partisonship and embracing the stimulus money just as he embraced Obama in a great big man hug.

What did Crist get in return for those stimulus dollars? Florida is among the nation's leaders in unemployment rates and foreclosure rates. On that all important day, Floridians got screwed while Crist got the thrill.
President Obama will be back in Ft. Myers this week but Charlie won't be there to give him a hug. The governor says he has a cabinet meeting to attend. That is called irony. Or bullshit, depending on your point of view.
What has changed? I'm guessing this:

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