Friday, October 16, 2009

Not One Red Cent to the NRCC!

I got this tip via Robert Stacy McCain, although now it is all over Memeorandum. The crap weasels at NRCC have given a huge donation to RINO sellout Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 special election in November despite Conservative candidate Hoffman's surge in the polls.


It's infuriating that the Republican leadership continues to back liberal Republican candidates. Oh, I know all about that big tent thing, and how being hard-line conservative is the "death knell of the Republican party...". Don't even go there.

Michelle Malkin's comments on this pretty much sums it up:

Then you use their money to try and elect Dede Scozzafava, an ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend radical Republican. And you use that money to fight Doug Hoffman, a viable, bona fide conservative candidate in the race who is closing the gap in the polls.

Meanwhile, Weekly Standard debates whether or not Scozzavava will even remain a Republican:

Will Dede Scozzafava, the liberal Republican running in the November 3 special election for Army Secretary John McHugh's open upstate New York seat, stay in the Republican party in the (unlikely) event that she wins? Would she run in 2010 as a Republican—facing what would likely be a tough primary? Or would she pull a Specter?

Then John McCormack updated the post with this comment:

[Scozzafava spokesman] Burns adds that Scozzafava would run in the Republican primary in 2010 if challenged. He declined to say whether or not Scozzafava was open to running as an independent if she lost the primary.

So if Scozzafava is, for all intent and purposes, a liberal and as near a Democrat as you can get, why would the NRCC endorse her?

As Michelle said, watch your coffers dry up, NRCC. The American conservatives are sick and tired of it all; have you not noticed the tea parties? The town halls? The sinking-like-rocks poll numbers for liberal policies? The growing majority of Americans are not going to support candidates like Scozzafava or Charlie Crist. We aren't voting for an "R" behind their name; we're looking at their politics.

And those two? Liberal.

Just remember, Not One Red Cent!

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  1. I am FURIOUS about this! I'd already made a donation to the true conservative, Doug Hoffmann, and now I think I'll give more. I can't wait till the RNC calls me again for a donation. I've been telling them for a couple of years, NO donations till they start supporting real conservatives. But this takes the cake.

  2. Dear No Red Cents

    U gaiz r so intolerant of DeDe Scuzzafavva or whatever her name is. Like, my dad is annoyed at racists like u. Erik Holder also says ur all racists and stuff. He's a real Q-T and that's what make him legit. We need 2 b a big tent party n' invite Tila Tequila, my BFF, to that party. If u don't agree with Scazzalongname, then you're an itolerant bigit and you shud go 2 jail. U suck. Aslo, I'm the new face of the Repulican party, luzers.

    Love n' kisses
    Meghan McCain

  3. Amazing story. Time for Conservatives to start piling the cash on Hoffman.

  4. OK, I did it, I just made another contribution to Hoffmann. I wish I could give him $1 million, but a) I don't have it and b) that would be illegal unless you're a leftist Democrat in which case all rules are lifted.

    Anonymous #1 from above

  5. Oh, I also gave some money to Marco Rubio (thanks to the ad on this site!)

    I think that all the conservative senior citizens who get their $250 in bribe money from Obama ought to give it all to conservative candidates for 2010. Wouldn't that be awesome??

    Anonymous #1 from above, again