Saturday, October 31, 2009

Newt endorses Hoffman

Color me pleased but thoroughly unimpressed. Newt had no other call to make now did he? Jimmie, guest blogging at the Other McCain echoes my lack of excitement.

It's clear that the only reason Gingrich flipped his endorsement is because Scozzafava suspended her campaign and dropped out of the race. He still holds to the delusion that Scozzafava is actually dedicated to lower taxes (she's not) and opposing the Pelosi/Reid/Obama agenda (except where it involves pro-life issues, massive government spending, support for ACORN and big labor, and pork-barrel projects as vote bribes).

My take is that Newt deserves zero credit for doing the right thing only when all other options were closed to him. But, I suppose Newt might start thinking clearly again since he has pulled his head out of his, well you know.


  1. No credit to Mr. Gingrich. Jumps on the bandwagon when there is no other option. When are these guys going to realize that the Republican party must get back to core conservative principles? Maybe this election will wake them up????

  2. Exactly, richard. What Navy taught me was B.F.D.
    Wake me when something HAPPENS.