Friday, June 26, 2009

To Expand The Purpose Of The Blog A Little.

UPDATED to include all the contact info for the (supposed) Representatives.

Mary Bono Mack
Mike Castle
Mark Kirk
Leonard Lance
Frank LoBiondo
John McHugh
Dave Reichert
Chris Smith(NJ)

Eight Republicans who voted for the Cap and Trade bill.

Michelle has the Democrats who voted against Cap and Trade bill.


  1. I'm sure you can't be surprised. I doubt that you could find a half a dozen Representatives in Congress that is in possession of their own souls. I'm pretty sure most of them sold them to get into office.

  2. When I find I've been outraged out.. and new level hits.

  3. And the libs who voted against it said they did so because IT DIDN'T GO FAR ENOUGH.

    Someone at another site posted this as the way to fight back. Don't get tangled up in the Muslim stuff, that's just an example. The general public has to rise up and say we're going to default on the debt these elitists are wracking up and scare China into not lending us anymore.