Monday, June 8, 2009

Comrade Charlie

Via Memeorandum

The Club for Growth has named May’s finalists for their “Comrade of the Month” award, lo and behold, look who the first named finalist is:

"FL GOV. CHARLIE CRIST: Crist signed a no-tax pledge when he was running for governor of Florida a few years ago. Now, as the state's top elected official, he has proceeded to break that very pledge by signing a tax hike into law last week as part of the state budget. But Crist didn't stop there. Earlier this week, he signed another tax hike...this time a 20% tax increase on businesses. Crist sure is some "Republican."

Yep, the NRSC’s go to guy in the Florida Republican Senate primary is in the running for Comrade of the Month! Sen. Cornyn must be so proud. If he wins this prestigious award, and as a Floridian I’m sure pulling for him, maybe we will see his ‘honor’ highlighted in a campaign ad. Something along the lines of “Vote for Comrade Charlie Crist. He’s even to the left of Kendrick Meek.”

Now that I’ve gotten my snark on, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Crist’s co-finalists:

REPS. HENRY WAXMAN and ED MARKEY, for their outstanding work on Cap and Trade. (details)

REP. JOHN MURTHA, for his thirty-five year record of wasting the taxpayer’s money while lining his own pockets (details)

UNKNOWN SAN FRANCISCO BUREAUCRAT, for screwing a homeless man out of the money he had saved to get an apartment ( details)

Well it’s a tough field but there can only be one winner. Let’s all think a happy thought for Comrade Crist.

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