Thursday, June 11, 2009

Club for Growth Meets With Rubio

The latest Quinnipiac poll indicates what is already known—Marco Rubio has an uphill battle for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida. He trails Gov. Charlie Crist, 54-23.

On Monday of this week, the Club For Growth interviewed Rubio and impressed its Executive Director David Keating. The organization, which makes a habit of challenging the GOP establishment in primaries, is dancing around the issue for now. While it keeps railing against Crist's policies as governor—including nominating him for its "Comrade of the Month" earlier this week—it hasn't taken the plunge and officially gotten behind Rubio just yet.

"We are very concerned about the two major tax increases Charlie Crist recently signed and believe there's no excuse for his active support of the Obama big-government 'stimulus' spending bill," Keating said. "We are actively considering the race, but have made no decision yet."

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