Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Suggestion for the GOP in 2012...

No Sickbed Divorces

No exorcisms

No strippers

Vote for the freaking grownup!


  1. Sarah IS The Reformer. And she did it without the backing of a political machine, state thugs or really any connections. All negotiating and hard work. Barry isn't fit to shine her shoes.

    To come so far and still remain bulletproof after the crap the media's dished out just makes her more fearsome to progressives. I donated the maximum to her legal fund, plus campaign donations whenever possible. She's got it. Alaska is doing great. Wish we had her in California. As much as I like Romney's business strengths, I think going RINO again in '12 would be a huge mistake.

  2. integrity = bulletproof..

    Palin/Nugent 2012