Monday, June 15, 2009

Sen. DeMint To Endorse Marco Rubio

Via Memeorandum

As I wrote earlier, it is being reported in Politico that Sen. Jim DeMint will endorse Marco Rubio in his race against Gov. Charlie Crist in the Republican party primary for the US Senate seat in Florida. While neither the DeMint nor Rubio camps have commented as yet, this can only be seen as a very encouraging sign. DeMint, leader of the Senate’s conservative Steering Committee, is a staunch supporter of conservative candidates. This cycle he has come out for Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Sen. Tom Coburn, who is seeking a second term in Oklahoma. It speaks volumes to DeMint’s character that he is willing to take a stand in opposition to the NRSC. His endorsement could well pave the way for other prominent conservatives to come out in favor of Rubio.


  1. Good for DeMint. I have two Obama sycophants as my (VA) state senators, so I default to Sen. DeMint when I have anything to tell D.C.

    To illustrate the ever-sorrier state of the GOP, I once heard Sen. DeMint say that if the GOP could regain Specter, they'd gladly dump DeMint and the few truly conservative senators on the Hill.

    Go, Marco!

  2. Great post - I really like your blog!

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