Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Javier Manjarres Sounds off on Crist

Javier Manjarres, writing at Red Country, has a scathing piece on the Crist/Rubio race.

After pointing out the endorsements received so far by each candidate, Manjarres writes, "So, according to the logic of Cornyn, let’s just put a price tag on our principles and endorse anyone that will appeal to the Democrats. I have some old regurgitated news for you pal - the policy of "moderation" does not work! The Republican Party tried this last year, remember? Guess who is our President now? We tried this with Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania - where is he now? And what about those “astronomical” approval ratings? The last time I checked, Crist’s numbers were falling and Rubio’s were rising. The “Astronomical” approval ratings will surely continue to drop the more that people hear Rubio clearly articulate a conservative vision of government and successfully contrast it with Crist’s unprincipled approach that relies on fuzzy feelings and popularity polls."

Majarres also goes on to point out that Crist endorses a full amnesty program for illegal immigrants while Rubio is adamantly against this.

Finally, he writes, "There is a very disturbing trend here that should give all Republicans cause for concern. Governor Crist continues to be mentioned with and supported by the same moderate Republicans that have proven themselves to be as unprincipled as he. And that’s before he went and gave Obama a giant public bear hug. We can only wonder what other agenda items of Obama’s that Charlie supports besides the so called “Stimulus”. Call me crazy, but I’d rather not have to find out, because I’m becoming just a bit tired of Republicans enacting a Democrat agenda."

Be sure to read the whole thing.

While it is true that Rubio is still far behind Crist in the polls, it is still very early in the campaign. Rubio began this race polling at 18% and as of June 6 he polled 22% - not a big jump, but still a rise. As Rubio gets his message out, and as Americans continue to get fed up with Democrat-lite-Republicans like Crist, Rubio's numbers will certainly grow.

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