Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do some “Republicans” hate grassroots Conservatives?

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Excuse me for asking but it does seem that a good many of the GOP establishment, including some “Conservative” columnists have a certain disdain for the average, everyday American who dare to get too acvtive in politics. The latest example comes from David Frum via Wizbang. Frum opines doom and destruction for the GOP in this piece.

The Republican fratricide in the November 3 special election in upstate New York may prove just an opening round of an even more spectacular bloodbath in Florida in 2010. In New York, Republican feuding lost the party a seat in the House of Representatives. At stake in Florida is not only a senatorship — but very possibly Republican hopes for 2012 as well.
Hmmm, I guess Frum forgets that the “Republican” rejected was a Liberal, a Liberal who ended up endorsing the Democrat? Would we really be better off with a Democrat in Republican clothing? Frum also misses the point about why Consrvatives rose up against Scozzafava and for Doug Hoffman in NY23.

We did so because we, unlike elitists like Frum, beieve in our principles. We do not believe in sacrificing our ideals just to elect an”R” who will stab us in the back, and vote along Liberal lines. But, Frum continues his scolding of the Conservatives, who are, accroding to him to stupid to know what is good for them. He is aghast that a Conservative, Marco Rubio, who is opposing Chaelie Crist for one of Florida’s senate seat is getting support from Conservatives.

But here’s the most important unasked question raised by the enthusiasm for Rubio among Washington conservatives: What alternative policy should have been adopted back in the spring, when interest rates had been cut to almost zero and the economy was still collapsing? Are vague bromides about big government anything like an adequate response to the worst economic crisis experienced by any American under age 80?

The great free-market economist Milton Friedman argued that the right policy in the 1930s was a bank rescue — but the bank bailouts (begun under a Republican president, lest we forget) are even more unpopular among conservatives than Obama’s stimulus.

A few days ago, I was talking to a roomful of young conservatives about the crisis. All agreed in denouncing both the bank bailouts done under TARP and the stimulus. I asked: OK fine, what was the alternative?

There was a short pause, and then somebody laughed: “I guess it’s lucky that we weren’t in power.”
First of all, Mr. Frum, I think your “quote? is BS! I would be surprised if you did not embellish, or even fabricate it. But, I really want to focus on your orgasmic support of the stimulus package. Are you sure Mr. Frum, that you are a Conservative? Because Conservative have principles sir. We actually believe in things like the Constitution, in the founding principles. Do you? You do know the Founders would be against this reckless spending orgy?

One more thing Mr. Frum, you are aware, I hope anyway, that Gov. Crist and Rubio are BOTH Republicans? They are both vying for the Republican nod to run against a Democrat for that crucial senate seat? Why would you seek to tell Florida Republicans that they must not have a voice in deciding WHICH Republican they nominate?

If Crist gets the nod, I am sure he will get support from Conservatives, we just happen to prefer Rubio. Why does that bother you so? Again I ask, WHY do people like you show such disgust for Conservatives who try to take a more active role in politics?

Perhaps you just think we should know our place? Just support anything with an “R” by its name? Just shut up and do what the elites tell us? Tell me how did THAT work out in 2008? Hmmmm


  1. Great post. Frum is a GOP elitist who looks down his nose at We The Peons. These types are not used to the everyday republican/conservative person protesting or going to town hall meetings like we did this summer. NY23 is still in play, so Mr. Hoffman may win. Just the fact that Mr. Hoffman got this far should prove to Mr. Frum that the grassroots movement is strong and growing.

  2. 1. The only way that someone like Frum could be more stupid is by suggesting that we not even attempt to win any seats in 2010, '12 or '14 so we can win in '16.

    2. Was Frum overcome with joy or immense grief when Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell won their respective Gov. seats in NJ and VA?

  3. We cannot let this happen to America. Let's enlist Michele Bachmann to run in 2012: