Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sorry Charlie Crist Circles the Drain

If it wasn't stick-a-fork-in-him time Monday, when Rudy Giuliani endorsed Marco Rubio, maybe the latest fundraising numbers will convince Sorry Charlie to pull the plug:
Marco Rubio's remarkable fundraising haul — $3.6 million this quarter, he just announced — is a reminder of the scale of his stardom inside the Republican Party, all of whose core constituencies seem to like the guy.
That's the Politico's Ben Smith, who finds spontaneous 2012 Rubio-for-President talk coming from Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention. That's getting way ahead of the game, but it does indicate the kind of insuperable energy that has been unleashed against Crist.

What's impressive about Rubio's fundraising report is that his average donation was less than $100 and fewer than 1% of his donors are "maxed out." He's had more than 50,000 contributors to date. That means all he has to do is contact his list of donors and say, "How about another $20?" and -- bam! -- he's got another million dollars, right there. Small donors make a big difference, and it's highly unlikely that Crist can match that kind of grassroots enthusiasm.

Check out this new campaign ad by Rubio:

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  1. In Nevada, Sharron Angle is holding her own against that dope whose advertisements pollute the internet (51-40). She is doing better than Danny Tarkanian (49-41) and getting close to outmatching NRSC backed Sue Lowden (53-39). She's the REAL Tea Party Candidate (as opposed to some no-name running on an eponymous 3rd ticket).