Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jim DeMint trying to cure John Cornyn of Stupiditis!

In the ongoing struggle to ween the GOP establishment off of RINO milk, Jim DeMint is fighting for common sense, while Texas senator John Cornyn seems loathe to put down the RINO bottle. This story, in the Wall Street Journal gives us a glimpse into the struggle the GOP are in to embrace Conservative candidates, like Marco Rubio, and kick the Dead Skunk Republicans, to the curb.

Sen. John Cornyn, who is spearheading the Republicans’ campaign to take back the Senate, is on a roll. The GOP snatched a seat in Massachusetts and polls favor Republicans in many key states. But the genial Texas lawyer is facing an unusual challenge—from one of his own colleagues. Firebrand conservative Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, breaking with the Senate’s tradition of deference, is endorsing and funding conservative candidates to challenge the party establishment’s picks. Just last week, he backed a conservative insurgent in the Colorado Republican primary over a former lieutenant governor.

The Republican Party is in play, and the passage of President Barack Obama’s health plan has inflamed the intraparty wrangling.

On one side are pragmatists like Mr. Cornyn who insist that uncompromising conservatives aren’t good bets to win swing states. On the other are purists like Mr. DeMint who want to field as many conservatives as possible to recapture the public’s trust at a moment when faith in government is at low ebb.

History suggests Mr. Cornyn’s approach is a safer bet. But recent polls suggest that in a number of states this year, the purist conservative could defeat the Democrat in the general election.

Mr. DeMint is deploying his Senate Conservatives Fund as a counterweight to Mr. Cornyn’s National Republican Senatorial Committee, pushing antiestablishment GOP candidates in Florida, California and Colorado.

Look, I like John Cornyn, I have voted for him, and admire a lot about him. But, he is dead wrong in his approach to retaking the Senate. We all know how his support of Charlie Crist turned out in Florida. Cornyn, and the NRSC jumped on the “Crist is electable” bandwagon, and now, that Marco Rubio is far ahead of Crist in the polls, Mr. Electable RINO is looking at sticking a knife into Cornyn’s back by running as an independent. Try as he might, Cornyn seems addicted to diminished expectations for Republican candidates. His philosophy is to keep putting out the same old weak-spined, squishy Republicans in the hope of winning seats.

Come on Senator, why not run more Conservative candidates? Let voters decide in primaries, give those anti-establishment guys and gals a shot. If we are really going to retake Congress, why not do it with candidates who are fresh, and sincere to Conservative principles?

DeMint, unlike Cornyn, seems to grasp that we need not lower our expectations before we even try to support real Conservatives. DeMint, and most Republicans, I would guess, are in favor of at least trying, rather than giving up before we even begin to fight. Come on Senator Cornyn, get your expectations up. Conservatism beats Liberalism, get behind the candidates who actually espouse Conservatism.

Yes, we know, you have to win elections to get anywhere, but winning with “Republicans” who vote like Democrats is called losing Senator Cornyn. Or if you do not believe me, just check your back for that knife Crist has planted in it.

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  1. YES...YES... Goo Mr. DeMint
    Since 06 this pelosi/reid/dodd/rangel-08 obama nitemare
    WE ARE NOT STUPID ...the lines are very clear. THERE ARE GOOD MEN OUT THERE-who stand for honest values.
    LISTEN TO RUBIO'S CPAC speech, look @ the U-tube of Paul Ryan the Regime in Washington /check U-tube the revolution-Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West...gosh what a ticket both he and Ryan would be?
    Check out JESSE KELLY ARIZONA’S 8TH DISTRICT for U.S. Congress.... Mr. DeMint-We are the party of "KNOW" - cut taxs/READ WSJ-CEO WHOLE FOODS 8 things to do to make health care affordable/NO EARMARKS....WE need a GEORGE WASHINGTON! ....PLEASE GENTLEMEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WE NEED TO WIN......our enemies are here as well as over seas- they are watching. ENOUGH!
    Thank you
    Vee Kennedy
    Huntington Beach, CA

  2. The GOP best stop worrying about "third parties" and start worrying about being one of the three.

    I'm not going to vote for RINO's and DIABLOs.

    If we are going to have progressives, I want them to sign their names with (D-