Monday, April 19, 2010

Charlie Crist walks into a bar with a dead skunk..............

And the bartender yells, "Hey, you, get that damned stinky thing outta here". To which Crist replies, "OK, give me a second". Shaking his head, the bartender says, "I was talking to the skunk!"

OK, that is not the most original of jokes, and, really, is not even funny, for a joke. How fitting, because Charlie Crist is like that failed joke. He is not funny, or even relevant, as polls have been showing for a while.

Now, Charlie Crist is thinking seriously of running as an independent for the Florida Senate seat.

Top GOP officials in DC now believe it is a virtual certainty that FL Gov. Charlie Crist (R) will bolt the GOP and run instead as an independent, sources tell Hotline OnCall.

Over the weekend, Crist pulled TV advertisements that had been running in key markets, slamming ex-FL House Speaker Marco Rubio (R). Those ads, on which Crist spent close to $1.5M so far, were aimed at moving poll numbers that showed Crist losing badly.

In taking the ads down, top GOP officials have surmised both that Crist has made his decision to run as an independent, and that the attacks weren't having an impact on the race.

Privately, GOP officials have even tried to broach the idea that Crist drop out of the race. NRSC chair John Cornyn called Crist on Friday, intending to make it clear that Crist should drop out if he doesn't believe he can win a party primary. Crist did not answer the phone, a source close to Cornyn said, and as of today Cornyn's call hasn't been returned

Unbelievable! Charlie Crist, is going, apparently, to say Screw the GOP, screw the Florida voters, and rather than doing the honorable, decent thing, is going to consider running as an independent. That move will likely fail miserably, as RS McCain points out but, what if the move, rather than simply exposing Crist as a typical politician, with no decency, causes that seat to go to a Democrat? What then Charlie? Is that what kind of Republican you are? One that would hurt you party, rather than accept the verdict of Florida Republicans, who clearly prefer Marco Rubio? Is that the type of man you are?

And, as McCain notes, recall exactly who we have to thank for this political turncoat

Remember who to thank for this debacle: John Cornyn and the treacherous bastards at the NRSC.

Amen!, it was the NRSC that decided, before Florida Republicans could have a chance to, that Crist was the golden child that "could win one for the GOP". They dismissed Rubio, and annointed Crist, now look where that has gotten them. Will they ever learn?

Cross Posted at The DaleyGator

Cross Posted at The DaleyGator


  1. I've mentioned before that Marco has won many polls in a 3 way race w/ Crist as an indy. Crist and Meeks would more likely split the left vote and put Marco in the seat. Just my two red cents.

  2. What Adam said.

    and the two RINO's who endorsed Rubio over Crist. That may hurt Crist in the long run.