Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So, Rubio can't win huh?

I am sure y'all recall what the NRSC told us. Marco Rubio was a good guy, but it was not his time. They told us to just shut up and be good Republicans. Support Charlie Crist, he may not be the most Conservative candidate, but, it was either him,or a Democrat.
We, here at NORC told the NRSC to go fly a kite, we believed that a more Conservative candidate COULD get elected to the US Senate. Well, gues what, the polls say we are right The Crist campaign is falling apart and Rubio is rocking. That is great news, but listen to this bit of news. If you really want to know what an impact Rubio is having,and how fearful of him the Left is, consider that he is the victim of smear tactics from clowns like Donny Deutsch

JOY BEHAR: Let's talk about the Republican Party. They're becoming- You're a brander. You know about that. They are the party of no. And that's not a good thing.

DONNY DEUTSCH: It's not a good thing. But what they figured out, finally, unfortunately, in the last six weeks, if you think about Brown winning, if you think about in Virginia where they won, if you think about this guy Rubio they're pushing in Florida, they're understanding that just this vitriolic, "We hate Obama. The world is bad," the Sarah Palins of the world, the Dick Cheneys of the world, the Rush Limbaughs, is unelectable. Let's put forward a fiscal conservative, socially- what appears to be socially moderate in terms of whatnot [sic], that's the electable candidate. So they're getting it. There's a difference between-

BEHAR: Who is that person?

DEUTSCH: It's basically it's a Scott Brown. And once again. It's amazing. They're talking about presidential timber. He's never done anything in his whole life. That's the whole thing. It's the blank piece of paper people can assign things to. One of the reasons, interestingly enough, I think we are a society of no right now. One of the reasons Obama got elected, because he was a blank page. You could assign hope to him.

BEHAR: That's true.

DEUTSCH: We're such a media frenzy, 24/7 world that almost anybody that's been around too long, there's so much "no" attached to it, that you almost need that blank piece of paper. That's the new model. Like, you know, this coconut Rubio down in Florida. You know-

BEHAR: What's his name? I don't know him. Rubio?

DEUTSCH: Marco Rubio. He's running against Charlie Crist, who I think has done a great job. And he is the new great, you now, hope down there.

BEHAR: So, basically, these people, the tea partiers are basically angry with the right and the left for the same reason, that there's fiscal irresponsibility?

DEUTSCH: No, they're angry- they're basically- their argument is- and I think there's a lot of racism underneath it- is- "He, they, are taking your civil liberties away. They're stomping on the Constitution. They're telling us how many bullets we can have in our guns."

Folks, you KNOW you are a threat when the Left goes berserk on you! Anyone they fear will win elections they attack in the most antagonistic ways. Keep it up Marco Rubio!

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  1. The Left will attack Rubio, just like they do Palin, because they fear what he stands for. Crist is going down and is grasping at straws.
    I wonder if he'll throw in the towel before August or if his ego will keep him in the race until the bitter end.
    I can't wait to vote for Marco!