Friday, February 26, 2010

Crist Is Toast: 'Goodbye, Charlie'

The American Spectator's Florida-based correspondent Larry Thornberry:
TAMPA – "Moderate" Florida governor Charlie Crist's Senate campaign is circling the drain. And it's mostly his own fault.
Crist, a formerly conservative politician who "grew in office" after becoming governor in 2007, went through a 50-point lead over conservative former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio faster than Sherman went through Georgia. Polls released this week by Rasmussen and the Florida Chamber of Commerce both show Rubio with an 18-point lead over Crist in a race for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate seat Mel Martinez resigned from last summer. . . .
The sounds you hear of many hands clapping are those of grassroots Florida Republicans pleased at the prospect of Crist's long but undistinguished political career coming to an end. Not to mention the prospect of a young, energetic, intelligent conservative representing Florida in the U.S. Senate instead of the Arlen Specter wannabe Crist has become. . . .
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  1. There is a greater tendency that his political career will be at stake. He might have made a wrong decision in the process. He cannot just dramatically pull Rubio down politically.