Thursday, February 25, 2010

J.D. Hayworth vs. John McCain

Thanks to Barbara Espinosa at American Freedom for highlighting this issue-by-issue comparison:
John McCain
-- Opposed the Bush tax cuts. Voted against repealing the Death Tax. The Club for Growth says McCain’s overall record on taxes “is profoundly disturbing and anti-growth.”
J.D. Hayworth -- Helped to author the Bush tax cuts and supports repealing the Death Tax. JD has a higher lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste than John McCain does.

John McCain --
Voted FOR the big bank bailouts and proposed an additional $300 Billion bailout of all bad debts, making the taxpayers responsible for the bad decisions of others.
J.D. Hayworth -- Opposed the big bank bailouts, opposed the Obama plan, and opposed the McCain plan to leave taxpayers holding the bag for the nation’s bad loans.

John McCain --
Wrote the bill granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. McCain’s bill was estimated to cost the taxpayers more than $2.6 Trillion.
J.D. Hayworth -- Helped lead the fight against the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. JD is a national leader in the fight to secure our borders and protect our nation.

John McCain --
Opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment that would have protected and preserved marriage as between one man and one woman.
J.D. Hayworth -- Marriage Supported the Federal Amendment and believes it is critical that marriage be protected from those who would redefine it.

John McCain --
Co-authored the McCain-Lieberman Cap and Trade bill.
J.D. Hayworth -- Cap and Trade Opposes all Cap and Trade legislation and rejects phony climate change data.

John McCain --
Authored the McCain-Feingold legislation that violated the First Amendment rights of every American and silenced conservative groups like Right to Life and the NRA.
J.D. Hayworth -- Opposed McCain-Feingold and believes that a free and vigorous debate is always in the best interests of our state and our nation.

John McCain --
Opposes enhanced interrogation techniques, supports closing Guantanamo Bay, and supports treating terrorists like criminal defendants instead of enemy combatants.
J.D. Hayworth -- Supports our military and its use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Believes that Guantanamo Bay should remain open and that terrorists should be treated as such.

John McCain --
Voted to confirm this far-left activist.
J.D. Hayworth -- Opposed the confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States.


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