Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Was NOT a GOP Victory...

And so the oldest, and arguably the foulest political dynasty ever foisted off on this Republic is reduced to one drunken, pill-popping freak in Rhode Island... My full and unqualified congratulations both to that outnumbered band of conservatives in Massachusetts who have held their principles firm in the face of overwhelming numbers and even abandonment by their own party, and to all those Democrats and independent Massachusetts voters who realized there was no future in following Barack Obama and the Democratic Party machine deeper into moral and fiscal bankruptcy.  We welcome you back to the political life of this wonderful country, and look forward to working with you to make it again the shining triumph it was always meant to be. This was not a GOP victory tonight.  If it had been left to the GOP, to Michael Steele and John Cornyn, Scott Brown would have vanished into obscurity and Ms. Coakley would have waltzed into Washington uncontested. This was, yes, a victory for the 'tea baggers,' the scorned, mocked American men and women from all parties and no party who came together to reject the politics of the insiders club in DC, GOP and Democrat, to reject the trading of favors paid for by our security, our solvency and our children's futures, to reject the notion of government by the mutal consent of well-placed incompetents who understand their own arcane parliamentary games and nothing else about this magnificent, diverse, yes, exceptional nation. And so to Nancy Pelosi, to Harry Reid, yes, to Michael Steele and especially to that jug-eared store mannequin in the Oval Office, I say again, "That's one... ...and she's just the first."

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