Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Worth Reading The New York Times For This

Picture credit NYT. Picture benefit for the ladies.

Marco Rubio is featured in the New York Times Magazine this month. You wouldn't know it from the ten paragraphs in the story.

Part of it is confusing because Mark Leibovich muses about why Crist is a 'scourge' among Republicans:
Crist has become a conservative scourge, for reasons he seems at a loss to understand and that in some ways have nothing to do with him.

When he answers the question a earlier in that paragraph:
[T]he governor’s biggest sin was his support for the Obama administration’s $787 billion economic-stimulus package.

Not sure how Leibovich is dense enough to write that. Maybe he's like the beaten woman who goes back to her abusive husband. He just doesn't get it.

The takeaway quote from Rubio that I liked:

“I’m not a fan of personality-based politics,” Rubio said. “Very third worldish.” People who pin their trust and faith in a person are bound to be disappointed, he said. “I’m just a messenger for a set of ideas.”

It's eight pages long, a novel in the age of the blogosphere but please read the entire thing. Except for the last part of the last page. Only in the New York Times would a profile about Marco Rubio begins and end talking about Crist.

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  1. Charlie is clueless to the depth of dissatisfaction, and some cases outright disdain we Floridians have for him. He is seen as an opportunist, not a leader. Rubio, to used a sometimes overused expression, is refreshing. He works to earn the confidence and by extension, the vote.

    By the by, this lady thanks you for the picture.