Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You wonder why the NRSC ever suported a scumbag like Crist

So, Charlie thanked the GOP by bailing out on them, and doing his best to screw them out of the Senate seat the NRSC endorsed him for. Now he is showing his true colors by erasing his "pro-life principles"?
Charlie Crist, the new synonym for weasel, has cleansed his website of its pro-life content. He makes my skin crawl. Mark Hemingway asks, "So what’s the next core political political belief will Charlie Crist unceremoniously dump in his shameless bid for office? Any ideas?"
What a class act huh?


  1. No. I don't wonder.

    What I wonder is why people give them money.

  2. NRSC favorite Sue Lowden got the losing hand in the NV primary. Sharron Angle hit the jackpot and is going to royally flush Reid back into Lake Mead (Yucca Mt. or Area 51 would also work well)! You bet on the wrong challenger, Cornyn!

  3. Look at the rest of the NRSC's picks. This is what they do. The GOP is running against its own base, not the Democrats...