Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Former Florida GOP Chair Jim Greer is Arrested; Crist is "Disappointed."

Charlie Crist buddy and "top-tier" fundraiser Jim Greer has been arrested at his home in Florida this morning.  Greer was arrested around 9:15 a.m.; his buddy Charlie Crist was informed of the impending arrest around 9:00 a.m.

Greer was hand picked by Crist to head the Florida GOP and Crist steadfastly stood by his man when pressure mounted on Greer to resign earlier this year.  Today, Crist says he's disappointed.

Greer is charged with six felony counts stemming from his corporation Victory Strategies.  Prosecutor William Shepherd explained that Greer set up this shell corporation on which he could write checks to himself from the donations using the money "for his own personal lifestyle."

One one such occasion Greer is suspected of writing himself a check for $39,000 from Victory Strategies for his own personal use.  There are multiple instances of such behavior and Greer is now charged with fraud, money laundering and four counts of grand theft.

During the press conference today, Shepherd was asked about potential prison time:

When asked about potential prison time, it was explained that each of the six charges is a felony count.  Three are third degree felonies which carry a potential five years each in prison.  The two first degree felony counts carry a maximum of thirty years each.

Greer is charged in Orange County, Florida and will be tried there.  His bond is $105,000.  There are no further arrests expected at this time.

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  1. The Republicans best get right with the world, with themselves, with their Maker.

    There are a few folks in town now that are not going to tolerate this stuff anymore.

  2. why is it the F.B.I. has not arrested Charlie Crist for his pattern of RICO Acts insider trading to lose 30 Billion Dollars from the State Pension Fund scheme to defraud with knowledge while pretending to perform his duty of safeguarding the pension fund theft of David Byrne Copyright Trade Secrets Road to Nowhere for his Campaign helping terrorist Alaa Al Ali his terrorist group to blow up the oil rig rob the federal government through Sargeants oil scheme wire fraud mail fraud Mel Martinez Scott Rothstein everthing he does is for his self profit and to injure the citizens of Florida what is he doing still in office not arrested is he paying off the F.B.I.