Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rubio Pulling Out of Senate Race?

From Congress Daily:

"Two Republican sources said today that even as former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio campaigns for retiring GOP Sen. Mel Martinez's Senate seat, he has been calling around to top Republican donors and activists in the state to discuss the idea of switching from the Senate primary against GOP Gov. Charlie Crist and into the open-seat race for attorney general, where a serious Republican candidate has yet to emerge."

Ugh. I'll hate it if he switches over, but since the NRSC stabbed Rubio in the back with its early endorsement of Crist, I can't say I blame him. Maybe he's buying time for the next race? It's a four-year term for attorney general. Crist held it from 2003-2007.

As far as fund-raising goes, Crist is all over Rubio. Crist raised over $4.3 million over the second quarter of 2009, Rubio raised $340,000.

At 38, he's a youngster, after all.


  1. Meanwhile, Crist told the Miami Herald the porkulus is working.

  2. Marco's not going anywhere, folks. This is the establishement trying to sow confusion and tamp down Marco's contributions from outside the state.

  3. Crist is not a true Republican and never will be. I hope Rubio stays in the race. We need a true conservative we can support.