Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plant City Tea Party Gives Marco Rubio a Rousing Welcome

An enthusiastic crowd met in Plant City today to listen to Willie Lawson of BlogTalk Radio, Dr, Gonzalez-Orthopedic Surgeon and Marco Rubio, who will be facing Gov. Charlie Crist in the Republican primary race for the US Senate.

Lawson, active in the local Tea Party, warmed the crowd up and Dr. Gonzalez spoke passionately about the need to stop the Democrats from passing their version of health care reform. The crowd broke out in cheers when Dr. Gonzalez reported that Sen. Bernie Sanders had withdrawn his "single payer" amendment today after Sen. Tom Coburn forced a reading of the 767 page amendment. Both speakers noted the importance of voting for a conservative candidate rather than a "Dem lite" in the August Republican primary. There were no names mentioned but it was clear that Rubio was considered the conservative candidate.

Rubio received a standing ovation when he took the stage. His message of personal and fiscal responsibility plays well across Florida and particularly resonates in Plant City, a small mostly rural community. After speaking, Rubio mingled with crowd answering questions and having his picture taken.

No one in this crowd was surprised that Rubio had tied Crist in the most recent Rasmussen poll-he was obviously their choice.

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