Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rubio Dominates Crist in Florida Straw Polls

The Huffington Post takes a look at the straw polls in Florida and summarizes the results:

Pasco County: Rubio wins, 73-9
Lee County: Rubio wins, "7-to-1 margin"
Highlands County: Rubio wins, 75-1
Bay County: Rubio wins, 23-2
Volusia County: GOP Committee censures Crist
Palm Beach County: GOP Committee almost censures Crist as motion fails on a 65-65 tie, still a stinging rebuke
Broward County: GOP Committee attempts a straw poll, blocked only by Crist acolyte eager to avoid embarrassment for Crist

The Senate Guru concludes with this: "The only question is whether or not the Rubio camp's organization will be effective enough to translate this clear-cut support (and broad discontent with Crist) into a sufficiently strong grassroots army to counter Crist's fundraising advantage and Washington D.C. establishment support. If Rubio does (and I think he can), a major upset may be in the works."

Read the post for details and links to the actual polls by county.

Maybe the voters in Florida are capable of choosing their own candidate without the NRSC's help after all. Imagine that.


  1. Dear Not One Red Cent,

    You guys are both persistent and successful in undermining the NRSC's message of Rockefeller Republicanism. These straw polls are unfair and rude. You guys are big meanies to Crist. It's not his fault that no one can figure out what he actually stands for, me included. Personal confusion aside, it doesn't matter what he stands for. It only matters that he is Obama's favorite Republican. I wish I could sit with the cool kids at the Capitol Hill cafeteria like him and those two Heathers from Maine.

    Jim DeMint is also ruining my brilliantest strategy in the history of the world by supporting Marco Rubio. Coburn better not think about endorsing him as well or I'll look even dumber! Currently, Michael Steele has thrown in his endorsement for Mark Kirk, a real weiner that we need. I came up with a slogan for him;

    "Mark Kirk 2010: At least he voted no on the stimulus"

    You fools cannot stop "Cornyn the Barbarian". If you post more pro-Rubio news, statistics and other things...I'll tell on you! Mr. Steele will give you guys a firm talking to!

    Yours truly,
    Sen. John Cornyn

    PS: I can haz muney?

  2. Pat Austin: Thanks for posting this information on Marco Rubio. Crist is nothing but a RINO and we don't need any more of them in the Senate.

    Anonymous: That was hysterical.

  3. Conservative Lady: There's more where that came from. Just wait and see.

  4. I linked to your post. Hope that's OK.

  5. The actions of the RNC - NRSC- CRP and over many years are the cause of many Rs threatening to 'jump ship' and go Independent...
    No more Lesser of Two Evils-LOTE-